Although I’ve heard the phrase bandied about now and again, it is Orac’s recent use that is probably going to leave a lasting impression with me.

This is a battle that’s about more than animal rights. It’s about science and reason, as opposed to unreason. It’s about fighting back against the incipient Age of Endarkenment.

Is this a bit overblown?

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I”ve been following the doings of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) off and on. First there was the announcement of Gil Kerlikowske as the new Drug Czar, which pointed to a considerably more relaxed, harm-reduction type of approach to drug policy from Obama. Next I cam to the realization that Obama had reduced the Drug Czar from a Cabinet level position to something much lesser.
Checking out the ONDCP site today, I noticed a link in their policy news section:

President Obama Addresses Marijuana Legalization during Virtual Town Hall Meeting
The trial run of Open for Questions at the White House wrapped up with more than 3,606,000 total votes, and the President answered several of the most popular questions. During the meeting the President addressed marijuana legalization:

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