April 12, 2009

The DrugMonkey blog Easter Egg hunt is on!

MonkeyEgg.jpgThere are 10 of these Easter Eggs hidden on blog posts published within the past 12 months. To narrow your search a little more, the posts are all written by me and are related to substance abuse and dependence in some way.
The rules are quite simple. Find the eggs and email me (drugmonkey at scienceblogs period com) the list of 10 posts on which they are hidden in the order in which you found them. Three winners will be selected (at random in the case of ties) from those who email me the location of the most eggs by midnight EDT.
TshirtBack1.jpgWinners will receive the usual Commenter Appreciation Prizes, i.e. cafepress gift certificates that can be spent at the DM shop or other cafepress storefronts.
Happy Hunting!