The opinions on this blog are those of their writers. They do not reflect the views of any institutions for which the authors work, nor the National Institutes of Health. The authors are not medical care providers and readers should not misconstrue any opinions or statements as personal medical advice

The authors have been funded by the NIH and/or other organizations to conduct scientific research. Many of the topics under discussion are those for which the authors may have previously held, currently hold or are actively seeking to hold  funding to investigate.

In addition, the authors may in some cases be professionally and/or personally acquainted with the authors whose work is under discussion.

Finally, the blog discusses issues of scientific careerism, grant application and award, applying and securing jobs for faculty and trainees. Given that the authors’ careers are specifically affected by such issues it is inevitable that there is a conflict of interest involved in their statements and opinions.

The reader is encouraged to read this blog with this in mind.

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