April 24, 2009

Another round of link blogging for my co-blogger who lives for these posts.
The inimitable Abel Pharmboy (and PharmGirl) on the compounding error which killed 21 Venezuelan polo ponies.

It is used to prevent a type of rhabdomyolysis, or life-threating skeletal muscle degradation, that can follow physical exertion after a period of inactivity (as one might expect for horses being transported to south Florida from Venezuela. Also known as equine rhabdomyolysis syndrome (EMS), tieing-up, or azouria, the syndrome has been associated with high carbohydrate diet and selenium deficiency.

Candid Engineer’s readers set her straight on when to stop doing paper reviews for the PI and when to insist on reviewing them in your own name in Bitch Work, Cont’d.

Now, I am an honest person, and if you are going to give me your bitch work, I want you to be honest about it. So perhaps a request from him to “review the manuscript for me” would have gone over a lot better in this neck of the woods.

doubledoc almost died, go tell her you are happy she didn’t.
DrJekyll&MrsHyde says: “When the PI’s away, the little bench mice shall play.”

…let me offer this hypothesis: in labs with involved, ever-looming PIs, lab members are more likely to skeeve off work when the PI is gone for significant periods; whereas in labs with fly-by PIs, lab members keep up their pace when said PI is gone.

Prof-Like Substance has peers that fear change:

Of course, these people would vote to send their parents to prison camps if it meant avoiding any sort of change, but they are a vocal lot and like to play the fear card adored by the Republican right. “Sure everything points to the fact that we can’t keep doing things like we are, but progressive change is bad…. because it’s change!”

Professor in Training quakes in her shoes, hits the head every 15 min and then knocks her talk out of the park.

1 hour to go: Hands won’t stop shaking. Try to hide the shakes when Dr J arrives, sits behind me and asks if I’m ok (he’s seen this happen before).
5 min to go: Drinking way too much water as tongue is stuck to roof of mouth. Feel Dr J pat me on the shoulder and hear him whisper something along the lines of “knock ’em dead.”
1 min to go: Why the fuck did I agree to this madness? I can’t fucking do this. I think I’m going to fucking die.

Happy Reading, DearReader! (don’t forget to vote)