AbelsBeard.jpgThere’s a post up over at Terra Sigillata that just makes you go hmmmm… Abel had previously noted a case in which a Palm Beach acupunterist (sic; see Figure) was busted for forging medical credentials to obtain controlled substances.

If this was the result of personal issues of substance dependence, I wish Ms Hoyt my best in seeking rehabilitative care.
But if the compounds obtained were to be used in some herbal preparation with purported anti-anxiety or analgesic activity doled out to clients, my sympathy is hereby revoked.

Developing evidence suggests some merit to his prior supposition. As Abel notes the current allegations include obtaining controlled medicines “for patients” and list several approved sedatives and muscle relaxers.
Which takes this out of the realm of (merely) a drug diversion issue and straight into the consideration of woo-based alternative pharmacy and therapy. What a total and complete scam. To use so called “conventional” medications that have actual function, while claiming it is acupuncture or some other woo that is having the effect? What hubris. What chutzpah.