My real world email box received four copies of a recent ORI Notice of Scientific Misconduct. I thought it odd that I received so many duplicates, mentally cursed the ORI for not culling duplicate emails out of their database and shrugged over what appeared to be a run of the mill case of misconduct:

PHS found that Respondent engaged in scientific misconduct by falsifying and fabricating baseline data from a study of sleep apnea in severely obese patients published in the following paper: Fogel, R.B., Malhotra, A., Dalagiorgou, G., Robinson, M.K., Jakab, M., Kikinis, R., Pittman, S.D., and White, D.P. “Anatomic and physiologic predictors of apnea severity in morbidly obese subjects.’ Sleep 2:150-155, 2003 (hereafter referred to as the “Sleep paper’); and in a preliminary abstract reporting on this work.

The conversation at writedit’s place (you do have MWE&G bookmarked, right?) drew my attention to a strange fact.

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