I wanted to get this somewhat more serious discussion off the prior post for reasons that should be obvious. SouthernFriedSkeptic was apparently responding to my linkage of a post on some papers which attempted to compare symptoms of drug abstinence in cannabis and tobacco smokers. S/he noted:

Being someone who has in the past used both nicotine and marijuana (although at separate times in the past) I have to disagree with your comparison. I know it is a data point of one, anecdotal, and all that, but when I was young I went through a phase where I smoked marijuana several times a week, in the evenings, and mainly because I didn’t like hangovers. As I got older, and took on more responsibilities, I quit. Not consciously, but just sort of got busy with life, started a family, career, etc… and didn’t even really notice that several years had passed since I smoked it. Haven’t had an urge to do so again, and besides, wouldn’t compromise the aforesaid family and career.
I also quit smoking. It turned be into a liar, almost cost me my job and one was by far one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I become depressed and irritable, and though chemically I should be free, I still get occasional urges for a cigarette that are barely resistable. I don’t even think of marijuana unless the conversation is brough up. I quit without even realizing it.
Hard to imagine they are similar.

The arrogance of the personal anecdote is worth discussing in this context.

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April 2, 2009

Whoops, I let this drop off my radar. As I noted in a prior post, we’re looking for a reader to sign up to be a ScienceBlogs SuperReader.

Over the past year our two volunteer SuperReaders have been doing an admirable job keeping our posts, and indeed many other career-related posts from other blogs, in the limelight. So as a blogger I think this feature is a stunning success. I might also note that as a Sb reader myself, I’ve definitely been drawn to posts from other blogs that I might not have noticed thanks to the Reader selections.
We find ourselves in need of a replacement SuperReader, since one of ours is signing off after a year of excellent service to the DM blog, academic blogging at Sb and you, DearReader. So here’s the request. If you are a regular Sb reader, can manage to work the del.icio.us and would be interested in serving your fellow readers up with tasty blog selections on a regular basis drop us a line. You can comment and leave a functioning email in the field or just email one of us directly. (drugmnky or physioprof, both at the googly mail.)