One of the interesting things I learned from Janet’s series on overcoming obstacles to discussing animal use in research appeared in the sixth installment. She noted:

because of the fear of being a target of a big, flashy instantiation of violent tactics, a lot of people do not publicize the other ways that they or those that they know have been targeted. The news doesn’t cover much in the way of “run of the mill” threats by phone or mail. That doesn’t mean they don’t happen, although I didn’t realize that they did until I became close enough to scientists who get them (death threats, threats to rape them or their spouses or their kids, other threats of bodily violence falling short of rape and murder) that they felt safe enough to mention them in conversation.

This is fascinating, if true. It does not excuse the commenter that pops up around these sorts of debates to whinge about calling a car incineration terrorism. That is pretty clear cut. But there is a perception voiced that researchers pose of paranoia over the activities of AR sympathizers is a bit over the top, perhaps disingenuous. I do wonder if this is out of an ignorance based in the fact that only the most outrageous attacks get widely publicized?

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April 28, 2009

Are you a smoker? Thinking about quitting? Well, friend of the blog, consistent commenter and blogger DuWayne Brayton has launched a new group blog to discuss smoking cessation from the viewpoint of those trying to quit.

This is a blog for folks who have quit smoking to share their experience. It is also a blog for folks who are trying to quit or want to quit, to share their experiences. And it is a blog for folks who work in healthcare, addiction, research or other areas that deal with tobacco addiction or addictions in general, to share their knowledge and experience.

There is a nice summary post up on the SpeakingofResearch website.

The crowd numbers increased steadily. From100 to 200, from 200 to 400, the numbers swelled until what would would be eventually around 800 people would be a part of the UCLA Pro-Test rally – outnumbering the animal rights activists by approximately 20 to 1. The chants rang out from the corner of Westwood Avenue, “What do we need? Animal Research. When do we need it? NOW!”, and “Cures for cancer, what’s the answer? Animal research, Animal Research”.

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