A little culinary diversion

September 1, 2008

You like eating, yeah? And if you are reading this blog, I assume you like teh flamewars. I have a little something for you to bookmark.
First, I’m going to do some of that mixed timeline stuff that makes movie reviewers swoon for some inexplicable reason.

Figure 1: An artist’s rendering of PhysioProf, hanging out in his office, thinking up crazy shit.
I’m dying here! From now until someone comes up with something better, this will be my OfficialMentalImage of my co-blogger. Righteous.
Okay, back to nice boring chronology:
PhysioProf trod on Isis’ (undoubtedly fabulous) pumps.

PhysioProf cooked some serious shit tonight. Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, feta, and mushrooms. And saffron rissoto. And roasted fresh corn. PP cooked that shit, and ate it with some lovely cocktails.

Isis: And this weekend, in my domestic blog entry, I’ll post my french onion soup recipe. Seems there’s someone else in the blogosphere who is trying to take over the role of domestic goddess. I appreciate him holin’ it down, but this weekend you’ll see how the pros roll.
PhysioProf: Recipe war!? Bring it on, motherfucker!
Isis: Um, did you just call Isis a “motherfucker,” PhysioProf?
It’s on, you little bitch.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Corn was a-poppin!, Chairs were pulled up, Pillows arranged!
PhysioProf throws the gauntlet.

There shall be nine (9) battles in the Recipe War, each comprising one course in a complete menu, as follows:
The prize for winning the Recipe War shall be the perpetual right to refer to oneself as Baddest Ass Domestic Motherfucking God/Goddess Of The Science Blogosphere Eleventy!!!11!!

Isis picks it up.

Challenge accepted, PhysioProf. I shall meet you Monday, apron in hand. However, I am a bit disappointed by the proposed prize. It seems to me that you may less than confident as to your ability to win.

Round 1

Amuse Bouche
by Isis the Scientist

Avoid the desire to stab them with a fork or you’ll end up with soft and water-logged pears. You need your protective skin and so do your poor little pears.
Crack open your Boylan’s diet cream soda and check some emails or write a grant while the perada simmers for 35 minutes.

by PhysioProf

(The exact ratio of demi-glace and water depends on how concentrated the dem-glace is. Combine the demi-glace and water separately, make sure it tastes fucking good at that ratio, and salt to taste before adding to the eggs.)

Read. Salivate. Go Vote!

No Responses Yet to “A little culinary diversion”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    And if you are reading this blog, I assume you like teh flamewars.
    Actually, many of us read it despite tedious, lame “flames” voiced in an annoying, inconsistent third-person, not for them.


  2. Thank you, DrugMonkey. Thank you to my sweet science-blogger for picking up the story of the century. It truly is important to me that as many people as possible watch me give PhysioProf the spanking his mother clearly never gave him.
    Next week, watch me wash his filthy mouth out with soap.


  3. Samia Says:

    Saffron risotto? Oh, man.


  4. cashmoney Says:

    Saffron risotto? Oh, man.
    Too “fusion”?


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