The folks at have launched version 2.0 with the assistance of Seed Media Group Technology. The new Research Blogging site apparently has all kinds of new and trick features although I have to confess that I’ve never been a user. In the even that this concept is new to you, the About page lays it down.

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I am happy to call a win for the ScienceDebate effort. A qualified win but a big win, nonetheless. Also major props for Mooney and The Kirsh who were main movers in this effort. This is especially important for me to recognize because I have been a bit skeptical from the start. For example when I first heard of this in December 2007 I thought:

… this is way too late to actually hope for a debate. All they can possibly hope for is a couple of questions raised at a “regular” debate.

and in February 2008 in the midst of primary season I also said:

I’m a skeptic on a tactical level that this can be pulled off. I do, however, think that there is a good chance this effort may get 5-10 questions asked of the candidates in the already-scheduled or already-in-negotiation debates. Wouldn’t we like one of them to be “What in the heck are you going to do about the NIH“?

So while admitting my overall skeptic stance on this ScienceDebate thing has been pleasantly surprised, I’m also bragging on how accurate my predictions were. Ha.
Today’s point is that the candidates have answered some ScienceDebate questions in written form (well, one of them has anyway).

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