AIDS and Animal Research

September 10, 2008

A recent post from Isis the Scientist reminds us of that which we are all too able to ignore in this era of Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART). HIV/AIDS may be slightly more controllable now. Infected individuals may be living much longer and with higher quality of life. Especially in the developed world regions from which much of this blog’s traffic derives. We have become somewhat complacent in comparison with my memory of the first stages of what has been termed the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
Make no mistake. People are still dying prematurely. Dying because the scientific and medical efforts have been only partially successful and have yet to find a cure or preventative vaccine. People who are wonderful, helpful, joy-inducing, productive and loved members of our workplaces and families. Isis’ post laments the passing of an individual who was a close and valued colleague.
Isis’ post wonders if we have lost steam in our efforts to find cures or vaccines for AIDS.

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