Thought of the Day II

August 16, 2013

I can just key a car with one of those insipid “Wag more, bark less” stickers on general principles, right?

Why do many urban jurisdictions ban the keeping of a rooster but you think banning established dangers to life and limb (instead of mere sleep/wake cycle) is the equivalent of racial discrimination?

*having just learned at PhysioProf’s blog that Jack Russell terriers are “statistically” dangerous just like pitbull terriers perhaps we are getting at the real problem. Terriers.


The dog botherers always insist the dog attacks are due to “bad owners”. And that presumptively “good owners” will never have a dog that attacks or kills anyone.

We’ll leave aside their denialism about their own doggy’s noninjurious but threatening behavior and the inherent circularity of their argument for now.

The interesting point is what it takes to be a “good” owner. You have to train and “socialize” the dog. Control it. Keep it in the right circumstances. Train toddlers how to “approach it properly”. Leash it. Lock the gate. Etc. never let down your vigilance for one little second.

What is all of this but a frank admission that these alleged domesticated animals are INHERENTLY dangerous to other citizens? If they weren’t, the only problem would be “bad owners” who actively train the dog to aggress.

Remember the Maryland Court of Appeals decision labeling pitbulls as inherently dangerous?

Well apparently that was undermined by the Maryland House of Delegates.

One day after the Maryland House of Delegates unanimously approved a bill that overturned the Maryland Court of Appeals decision labeling Pit Bulls as “inherently dangerous,” an Edgemere woman was attacked and seriously injured by at least one of her two pit bulls. One of the Pit Bulls was later found a few blocks away and was so aggressive that Baltimore County Police officers were forced to shoot and kill it, the Baltimore Sun reports. – See more at:

At least one of HER OWN DAMN DOGS?????

Hmm, wonder if anything has happened this month or was January a particularly bad one for pitbull attacks on innocent people and other nonhuman animals?

Horse and Rider pulled down by….well, it was probably a bichon actually.

Bankok….c’mon, it couldn’t have been an American Staffordshire Terrier (pitbull) now could it?

No one admitted to owning the pitbull …. duh, cause it was a dachshund!

I’m sure this Labrador was just asking for it….and they are only “pitbull-like” dogs….so that pretty much could be anything. like a Yorkie.

How do we know Fluffie didn’t just want to play?


UPDATE: naturally there was a Twitter side of the discussion today. I love this. Because when you get one of these dog lurvers on the line, they will quickly make absolutely insane statements. This one was by way of discussing which dogs might represent a threat to a person. @invertenerd opined:

You said maim a toddler, yorkies can and do maim little kids.

yorkshire-terrier1Here’s an image (source) that I grabbed off the web for reference. Now, admittedly the Yorkie is an aggressive little Napoleon complex of a dog. Which frankly is why it makes for such a good example. Even with its outsized attitude problem, however, the size of the beast tends to limit the damage. Admittedly in this figure, well…this is the scenario where a kid gets its face bitten, frequently enough. I stipulate that. So if we were talking “disfigure”…mmmm maybe. Arguable. Especially since owners of these little pocket dogs are more likely to be neglectful around kids. But I digress. The main point is how absolutely insane you are if you think that this kind of dog “maims” kids with anything like the same severity or probability that occurs with larger breeds. Insane. And of course that is the point. Dog owners are, to all intents and purposes, insane in their willful denial of what dogs do on a constant basis week in and weekout.

Sure enough:

A 65-year-old South Carolina woman was mauled to death by the family pit bull in a gruesome attack that unfolded as she babysat her three young grandchildren Tuesday.

oh, and I’m sure the 12 year old will totally not be fucked up for life over this

When the girl discovered the dog mauling Betty Todd, she attempted to stop the animal, but could not do it, so she gathered her younger siblings and took them to another room before calling her father for help.

UPDATE: Chra-heist. Another one!

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. —A 44-year-old Upstate woman is in serious condition after she was attacked by pit bulls overnight, according to Spartanburg Public Safety Capt. Art Littlejohn. Littlejohn said that at about 2 a.m. police were called by someone who said they heard a woman being attacked by dogs.
The incident report said an officer saw two or three dogs “biting/eating” a woman who was lying on the ground.

and another?

Deputies were told by the attending physician that the boy’s nose had been bitten off at a home off Highway 136 West. The pit bull had apparently eaten the nose after biting the child.

All just a complete coincidence I’m sure.