Question for the domestic terrierists

March 2, 2013

Why do many urban jurisdictions ban the keeping of a rooster but you think banning established dangers to life and limb (instead of mere sleep/wake cycle) is the equivalent of racial discrimination?

*having just learned at PhysioProf’s blog that Jack Russell terriers are “statistically” dangerous just like pitbull terriers perhaps we are getting at the real problem. Terriers.

19 Responses to “Question for the domestic terrierists”

  1. Spiny Norman Says:

    I have seen nothing to indicate that that word, “think,” applies to the people in question.


  2. Fucken bichon apologist.


  3. DJMH Says:

    Messing with sleep/wake cycles is a well documented threat to life and limb, actually.

    Also, many places have existing ordinances about noise between 11 pm and 6 am or something similar, so anti rooster rules are really just a subset of that.

    But you’re too set in your ways to see logic here, I think.


  4. Alex Says:

    I want to make a joke that involves “cock and bull story” but it isn’t quite coming together.


  5. drugmonkey Says:

    I could swear there are existing ordinances about assault and battery too, DJMH.


  6. “dangerous just like pitbull terriers perhaps we are getting at the real problem. Terriers.”

    Yes. When will we come to our senses and ban the Yorkshire Terriers? Ferocious lot, those, especially the teacup ones.


  7. drugmonkey Says:

    Also on PP’s blog, JB, I have learned that when a Yorkie terrier bites a kids face it does the *exact same amount of damage* as any larger breed of dog. Amazing.


  8. drugmonkey Says:

    Oh and btw, DJMH, good rooster owners properly socialize and control their pets so that they do not pose any undue risk to sleep cycles.


  9. pinus Says:

    roosters are sometimes assholes. even well socialized roosters.


  10. miko Says:

    As far as I’m concerned, everyone can have a pit bull if we ban car alarms.


  11. becca Says:

    I think we’re all missing the REAL common denominator- roosters, dogs that attack, CPP… all have dangly bits. NEUTER THEM ALL!


  12. DJMH Says:

    Well, DM, why don’t you go out and patent pit bull DNA, and then, Monsanto fashion, declare ownership and refuse to allow anyone to breed their pits without suing for patent infringement. I am pretty sure this is legal, and it sure sounds like fun. Then stop bothering the rest of us about it.


  13. drugmonkey Says:

    Nobody is forcing you to read my blog DJMH……


  14. drugmonkey Says:

    That’s the media hysteria bias talking pinus! Roosters are fun, lovable companions.


  15. Monisha Says:

    Now we are talking. I’m convinced terriers are the problem with much that is awry in the universe. My australian shepherd agrees, and makes occasional efforts to combat the problem.


  16. microfool Says:

    Terriers are my very favorite breed, except when they wear bandanas:


  17. drugmonkey Says:

    Was that CPP in the beret towards the end?


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