Oh the (seriously injurious) irony.

February 27, 2013

Remember the Maryland Court of Appeals decision labeling pitbulls as inherently dangerous?

Well apparently that was undermined by the Maryland House of Delegates.

One day after the Maryland House of Delegates unanimously approved a bill that overturned the Maryland Court of Appeals decision labeling Pit Bulls as “inherently dangerous,” an Edgemere woman was attacked and seriously injured by at least one of her two pit bulls. One of the Pit Bulls was later found a few blocks away and was so aggressive that Baltimore County Police officers were forced to shoot and kill it, the Baltimore Sun reports. – See more at: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/pit-bull-attacks-md-woman-1-day-after-state-overturns-court-decision-breed#sthash.lmqabn7f.dpuf

At least one of HER OWN DAMN DOGS?????

Hmm, wonder if anything has happened this month or was January a particularly bad one for pitbull attacks on innocent people and other nonhuman animals?

Horse and Rider pulled down by….well, it was probably a bichon actually.

Bankok….c’mon, it couldn’t have been an American Staffordshire Terrier (pitbull) now could it?

No one admitted to owning the pitbull …. duh, cause it was a dachshund!

I’m sure this Labrador was just asking for it….and they are only “pitbull-like” dogs….so that pretty much could be anything. like a Yorkie.

How do we know Fluffie didn’t just want to play?


UPDATE: naturally there was a Twitter side of the discussion today. I love this. Because when you get one of these dog lurvers on the line, they will quickly make absolutely insane statements. This one was by way of discussing which dogs might represent a threat to a person. @invertenerd opined:

You said maim a toddler, yorkies can and do maim little kids.

yorkshire-terrier1Here’s an image (source) that I grabbed off the web for reference. Now, admittedly the Yorkie is an aggressive little Napoleon complex of a dog. Which frankly is why it makes for such a good example. Even with its outsized attitude problem, however, the size of the beast tends to limit the damage. Admittedly in this figure, well…this is the scenario where a kid gets its face bitten, frequently enough. I stipulate that. So if we were talking “disfigure”…mmmm maybe. Arguable. Especially since owners of these little pocket dogs are more likely to be neglectful around kids. But I digress. The main point is how absolutely insane you are if you think that this kind of dog “maims” kids with anything like the same severity or probability that occurs with larger breeds. Insane. And of course that is the point. Dog owners are, to all intents and purposes, insane in their willful denial of what dogs do on a constant basis week in and weekout.

28 Responses to “Oh the (seriously injurious) irony.”

  1. Kat Says:

    Wow I just read this and some of your previous posts on pitbulls and your anti-pitbull stance is so clearly a sacred cow to you. I really thought you were more rational than that. I admit to being quite disappointed.


  2. Mike Says:

    I agree, and I’m not a dog lover. It’s a weird blog that writes 90% about the life and challenges of a scientist, and 10% about the evils of pit bulls. It must be a very personal vendetta.


  3. drugmonkey Says:

    So you are saying these dog attacks are made up?


  4. Kat Says:

    Wow, way to put a a straw man in my mouth. I don’t doubt those anecdotes, but the data do not suggest that pitbulls are inherently more vicious than over breeds. You cannot honestly tell me that your arguments would pass peer review evidence standards.


  5. Dude, that yorkie picture frightened me so much, I peed my pants. Thank fucken godde you didn’t show any bichons. Those motherfuckers are terrifying.


  6. drugmonkey Says:

    pitbulls are inherently more vicious than over breeds

    Now who is putting words in someone else’s mouth?


  7. jakester Says:

    Anyone who’s spent a good bit of time at a dog park knows that pit bulls are in fact more vicious than other breeds. The only dog that has ever attacked my dog was a pit bull. The only dog I’ve ever seen seriously injure another dog at the dog park was a pit bull. And this was on the upper east side of Manhattan where, given the close quarters, dogs are usually better socialized than most anywhere in the country. Thank god my pup has grown up and doesn’t need so much time at the park any more, because for some reason people still want to own these walking liabilities and worse yet, still bring them to public places.

    Yes, I only have anecdotes, but apparently someone else has compiled data based on news reports of dog attacks.

    Click to access dogsbite-report-us-dog-bite-fatalities-2006-2008.pdf


  8. drugmonkey Says:

    It’s just a conspiracy jakester. Those were probably really Bichons or Yorkies which are frequently mistaken for “pitbull”.


  9. Spiny Norman Says:

    There is no evidence that bulls are more vicious than other breeds. There is an immense body of evidence that pit bull owners are (on average) both more vicious and substantially dumber than other dog owners.


  10. drugmonkey Says:

    There is evidence they cause more carnage, my friend. Oh yes there is. Don’t try to dodge with irrelevant emotionalisms like “vicious” or nonsense over “inherent”. Stick to the facts and figure out how to reduce the damage.


  11. Spiny Norman Says:

    I did not say that pit bulls are less capable of inflicting damage than other breeds. It’s the difference between buckshot and birdshot. And the 10 ga. loaded with #00 is happens to be the one brandished by the aggressive morons.


  12. AmasianV Says:

    Is it wrong that I cross the street when I see a person walking two of these: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-oz58w_x0UAo/T_0NlHfdf-I/AAAAAAAAAcA/usGMKwb7gZk/s1600/bichon-frise-4.jpg?


  13. drugmonkey Says:

    If it makes you feel safer AmasianV, sure. Go ahead and cross.


  14. Lady Day Says:

    My pit bull’s BFF is a bichon frise. You mess with my pit bull, and the bichon frise will cut you up.


  15. WS Says:

    All this talk about pit bulls being more vicious then other dogs is just breedism! If pit bulls are more vicious, it is because they have not enjoyed the privileged upbringing of golden retrievers or weimaraners!


  16. becca Says:

    Why the scare quotes around disfigurement?


  17. drugmonkey Says:

    You do realize that quotation marks have a purpose, right my knee jerking friend?


  18. WS Says:

    DM, were you mauled by a pit bull as a kid? Just curious.


  19. AA Says:

    For the dog fetishists out there. Straight from wiki with citations:

    I’ll just summarize it for you:
    1) Pitbulls cause about 40% of dog-related injuries, and this value is historically consistent.
    2) Pitbulls are twice as likely to attack unprovoked than other dogs.
    3) Almost half of the reported cases are pitbulls belonging to the family. So much for “socialization”

    Here’s the relevant text:

    “A 9-year (1979–88) review of fatal dog attacks in the United States determined that, of the 101 attacks in which breed was recorded, pit bulls were implicated in 42 of those attacks (41.6%).[31] A 1991 study found that 94% of attacks on children by pit bulls were unprovoked, compared to 43% for other breeds.[32] A 5-year (1989–94) review of fatal dog attacks in the United States determined that pit bulls and pit bull mixed breeds were implicated in 24 (28.6%) of the 84 deaths in which breed was recorded.[33]

    A 15-year (1991–2005) review of dog attack fatalities investigated by the Kentucky Medical Examiner determined that pit bulls were implicated in 5 of the 11 fatal attacks (45.4%).[34] Another 15-year (1994–2009) review of patients admitted to a Level I Trauma Center with dog bites determined that pit bulls were most often involved in these attacks: of the 228 patients treated, the breed of dog was recorded in 82 attacks, and of these, 29 (35%) attacks were attributed to pit bulls. All other dogs combined accounted for the remaining 65% of attacks.[35] In 44.8% of the attacks, the dog belonged to the victim’s family.[35]

    One review of the medical literature found that pit bulls and pit bull cross-breeds were involved in between 42 and 45% of dog attacks.[38] Fatalities were most often reported in children, with 70% of victims being under the age of 10.[38]”


  20. Lee Says:

    AA: DM probably wrote that wiki post.


  21. drugmonkey Says:

    DM, were you mauled by a pit bull as a kid? Just curious.


    AA: DM probably wrote that wiki post.


    AA- funny, that seems to be a lot of peer reviewed literature being cited there as opposed to some random dog loving vets’ testimony about “temperament”.


  22. becca Says:

    There is nothing knee-jerk about asking a question, my friend. What purpose are you intending your quotation marks to serve then?


  23. Comradde PhysioProffe Says:

    Those fucken bichons are terrifying. I don’t just cross the street when I see those motherfuckers. I piss my pants.


  24. drugmonkey Says:

    Bichons can smell fear PP. be careful.


  25. When they tilt their heads to the side all cute like that, it means they’re about to attack.


  26. […] have been following the discussions at DrugMonkey's and PhysioProf's blogs (here, here, here, here, and here) about apparent parallels between arguments offered to defend […]


  27. Charlie Says:

    Scared of Bichons? Oh no, CHIHUAHUAS are some nasty little creatures. And those cute little wiener dogs? My nightmares involve them.


  28. kant Says:

    Who knew?. I thought chihuahuas were buses for transportation in some South American countries.


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