I had a little petulant post SuperBowl rant but man, Anonymoustache absolutely rockets this one straight down the fairway.

But most of all, they hated the fact that while Tiger had all the physical gifts to excel at golf, his dominance sprung from his mental superiority. The white male privilege establishment would grudgingly concede that people of color could be good athletes, but they’d never concede that they could be mentally superior to the point of dominance. They subscribed to the old ‘blacks cannot play quarterback’ mentality and Tiger destroyed that world like no one before.

This is but a tip of the iceberg of excellent analysis.

Grantwriter's Agony

February 18, 2010

The worst possible score to receive on your NIH grant application is:
Triage: Grrrrr, wasn’t even discussed so your fate rested on the three assigned reviewers only. No chance whatsoever of Program picking it up as a funding exception. Gaaaah, the AGONY!!!!
Above published or assumed payline, well into the grey zone: Arrrgh. I know it isn’t going to fund but…..but…..Program might pick it up! The might ask for a rebuttal! Please, oh, please an R56 Bridge? Call the PO just so I can hear the Program Zombie Mantra? AIIIIEEEEE!!!!
Pick your poison.