Think of the Menz!!

February 4, 2010

I know we don’t give enough respect around here for the giant pile of disadvantage the menz labor under. And I regret that.
Equal time after the jump. (NSFW…)

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HAHAHHAHA! We love this guy….

By the time you get your pink sheet there is nothing you can do but react, and over the years I have developed three generic pink sheet reactions:
1. WTF? Did these stupid bozos even bother to read my proposal?
2. Oh, shit. They found the weak spot. I wonder if I can fix it and resubmit.
3. YES!!! (pumps fist in air) THEY BOUGHT IT!

The Feb 2010 edition of the Office of Extramural Research Nexus contains yet more explanation of the way reviewers are supposed to use the “overall impact” scoring field.

What we call the “Overall Impact” of the application is the compilation of the evaluation of the review criteria. As reviewers assess Overall Impact, they take into account the individual review criteria and provide an overall evaluation of the likelihood for the project to exert a sustained, powerful influence on the research field(s) involved. The following points provide some clarification between Significance and Overall Impact:
Overall Impact
* Takes into consideration, but is distinct from, the core review criteria (significance, investigator(s), innovation, approach and environment).
* Is not an additional review criterion.
* Is not necessarily the arithmetic mean of the scores for the five scored review criteria.
* Is the synthesis/integration of the five core review criteria that are scored individually and the additional review criteria, which are not scored individually.

emphasis added but I could just bold the whole damn thing. This is supposed to help reviewers? More importantly (I presume and assert) it is supposed to help reviewers to act more consistently with each other?
This is exactly the sort of thing that drives me crazy about CSR and their complete and utter mess which is reviewer instruction.

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