Poor Matt Nisbet takes his lumps around these parts because his academic field is spin, sorry framing. This is the process within professional communication whereby the strictest and most precise depiction of the current state of knowledge about objective reality is…undervalued. Undervalued relative to driving home whatever broader themes and ideas the communicator happens to favor. Undervalued relative to rounding up votes on “your side”, regardless of why such voters may favor your position.
This annoys some scientists. The process of doing this in the news media or political setting annoys scientists to no end. Telling them that they need to start doing it themselves absolutely infuriates them.
Well, Nisbet has another version of his communication expert doucherocketry up today and it made me realize something. In this post, Nisbet declares war on that online discussion standby, the pseudonymous/anonymous commenter.

Over the next year, I have plans to invest in various content features at Framing Science, and one of the improvements I am looking forward to is an end to anonymous commenting.

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Doc2b Is a High-Affinity Ca2+ Sensor for Spontaneous Neurotransmitter Release
Alexander J. Groffen,1,*, Sascha Martens,2,*, Rocío Díez Arazola,1 L. Niels Cornelisse,1 Natalia Lozovaya,1,3 Arthur P. H. de Jong,1 Natalia A. Goriounova,1,3 Ron L. P. Habets,4 Yoshimi Takai,5 J. Gerard Borst,4 Nils Brose,6 Harvey T. McMahon,2,* Matthijs Verhage1,*
* These authors contributed equally to this work.

The first, second, last, and penultimate authors all contributed equally to the work? So there are four equal co-first-last authors? Hoooookay.