Not every grant old-timer has bad advice…

February 4, 2010

HAHAHHAHA! We love this guy….

By the time you get your pink sheet there is nothing you can do but react, and over the years I have developed three generic pink sheet reactions:
1. WTF? Did these stupid bozos even bother to read my proposal?
2. Oh, shit. They found the weak spot. I wonder if I can fix it and resubmit.
3. YES!!! (pumps fist in air) THEY BOUGHT IT!

No Responses Yet to “Not every grant old-timer has bad advice…”

  1. How fucking old do you have to be to have actually seen a Summary Statement on pink paper? I never have.


  2. anne Says:

    See. I had always suspected that you are just a naughty teenager. That explains everything.


  3. Pinus Says:

    you forgot:
    0) compulsively checking the commons for your score


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