Think of the Menz!!

February 4, 2010

I know we don’t give enough respect around here for the giant pile of disadvantage the menz labor under. And I regret that.
Equal time after the jump. (NSFW…)

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h/t: leigh

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  1. drdrA Says:

    I laughed myself off the chair.


  2. I laughed myself into coughing syncope. Samantha Bee just keeps getting better and better.


  3. becca Says:

    I, for one, am seriously concerned about men’s lack of options in being hot pharma sales reps and stay at home dads. This is a philosophical position derived from my deep commitment to equality, and not in any way related to the notion that even if this did not have the desired effects in advancing equality, it would certainly be more pleasant for me to be courted by hot sales reps and have a spouse taking care of ~72% of the housework.
    Also, I am generally pro middle-aged vagina men. This is a philosophical position derived from my deep commitment to deconstructing gender binaries and destroying the use of feminine attributes as derogatory, and is not in any way related to wanting to turn Samantha Bee into a lesbian so I can have her.


  4. And don’t forget the horrors of the current mancession! The sky is falling! Run for your lives!


  5. Scicurious Says:

    That is completely hilarious!!!


  6. becca Says:

    @Prof-like Substance- well, there is this
    Unemployment among white women = 7.1%. Among black men = 19.5% (both figures for ages 20 and over)
    There is a genuinely interesting sociodemographic situation in the recession. But ask some econ grad student to write their diss on it, *I* haven’t the foggiest clue what the data mean, other than it’s not *my* place to laugh at the unemployed.


  7. Does the clip give the episode date? The embedded video is only visible in the US; I can get full-length episodes from the website of the Canadian comedy network that shows the Daily Show, but I don’t fancy trawling through days and days worth of clips, as hilarious as John Stewart may be!


  8. DrugMonkey Says:

    It is the Feb 3, 2010 episode, in the US anyway. Not sure how long it takes to get up to Canadia by muleback….


  9. Adi Jaffe Says:

    I for one am in full support of women taking over. I just hope they keep needing us for something (lightbulb changing, french-toast making, sperm).
    It is sad about all the lost opportunity in “our society” though.


  10. Oh, I loved this one…


  11. Becca, I’m hardly laughing at the unemployed. What I do find funny (not in the haha sense) is the focus on MALE unemployment in this time when everyone is being affected in some way. Maybe it’s as simple as the high-paying jobs that men have been traditionally favored for give companies more bang for the buck when they need to make cuts. Maybe it’s more than that. Maybe companies are keeping their most valued and hard working employees and women make up a larger portion of that group. But, I haven’t seen any well publicized stats on other biases in layoff rates and you bring up the racial biases as another possibility. Have there been NYT articles on that? Did those stats make all three network evening news? If so, I missed it. What we have seen is loud and public outcry over male layoffs (to the point where it even has its own name!), which I thought was in context with the video.


  12. becca Says:

    Prof-like Substance- I didn’t mean you were laughing at it; I’m just constitutively incapable of not mentioning an alternate view if it’s glaringly obvious to me.
    I think there’s a real story there. Male unemployment is obviously the worse *relative* to female employment, that it’s been (at least in a long while). Depending on your ethnicity, male unemployment may be a few fold worse than female unemployment on an absolute scale as well.
    Part of the reason is also the *types* of jobs available; not all sectors of the economy are affected equally. Nurses and administrative assistance are still around. Construction workers and some classes of manufacturing, not so much. Since there are gender biases in who holds these jobs, there’s a net effect.
    Somebody on TV news (probably MSNBC) mentioned the African-American unemployment rate, and pointed out Obama has been dodging discussing it. But unemployment among whites is now *decreasing*, whereas it’s still increasing among blacks (i.e. if trends continue, he’ll have to talk about it, which will probably be awkward). So that inspired me to look up some numbers.
    I am really, really, really glad I’m not an 18 year old black man trying to find a job right now (43% unemployment).


  13. Tamarron Says:

    While I admit that the examples brought up in this video (female salespersons verses male doctors) are quite ridiculous, I would argue that this is a strawman of the real debate that should be happening. Sure men still dominate almost every powerful institution from Congress to Corporations to Medicine. But we are really talking about the elite 1-5%, a portion of Americans that I don’t really give a crap about. I’m in the bottom 50%; a young unemployed male with little to no job prospects. It’s particularly troubling in the hospitality industry, which is where most of my employment experience is; I’ve now encountered at least three situations where a female with less experience has been hired over me. Mind you, I’m basing this off their internet resume, so there may be a host of other factors that make them more qualified than me. But as someone who has always argued for equality in the work place, which is generally a feminist argument, I find myself particularly irritated to see other feminists dismiss the issue out of hand.
    Of course, I’m also young with relatively little experience so I’m screwed in all sorts of other ways.


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