NIH small business awards per capita by State

December 20, 2012

hmm. looks just like the political Red State / Blue State division, doesn’t it?

Only in this case the government largesse is going preferentially to the Blue, instead of the Red. (Also see this).

The Blue states are getting more government investment in Small Business, the Red ones more government investment in, well, the dole. Interesting, isn’t it?

via Rock Talk blog.

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Only about as interesting as looking at the state breakdown of total NIH funding. Is it really surprising that most of the money goes to states with large research universities like CA, MA, NY, MD?


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    Oregon and Colorado though?


  3. Jonathan Says:

    Maybe the high rates of cannabis consumption in those states makes them prone to small business ideas? #igotnothing

    They are slightly above median in terms of overall NIH money though:


  4. The red states are on the dole and not building small businesses, because the local red state policies grind the fucken shitte out of the vast majority of people that live there and funnel the money upwards to the former plantation owners.


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