December 18, 2012

We need a University of the United States of America.

It would be set up much like the service academies (USAFA, Annapolis, West Point)…admission for undergraduates via Congressional nomination. Tuition room and board for free. Well..”free”. There would be a service payback of some sort. Generally less dangerous than the military, so there’s that. And presumably the post-service skills would be marketable.

On the Professor side, I imagine the research and scholarship to be like intramural NIH. For every discipline. Arts, Humanities and the Sciences. Professors will do great things without having to grub for extra grant support.

The flagship campus has to be in Detroit. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Real Estate will be cheap….and not just for the UUSA proper but also for the rapidly emerging spinoff businesses. Housing relatively affordable.

And lord knows Detroit needs the rejuvenation. Heck, most of the Rust Belt could use this kind of kick forward.

There will be no B-school. I can’t think of a possible “service” role for that nonsense. But the Medical School will provide the finest in evidence based, scientific, modern medical practice possible.

And the J-school….oh my lights. The tarnished Fourth Estate will be restored my friends. Just you watch. Every journalism student will be put through the science wringer so they know how to deal with facts and not the logic of the pull quote.