Really. It is starting to boggle the mind how these people making comments could possibly string together enough logical thought to write a credible application in the first place.

Comradde PhysioProffe nails it:

Taking account of the laws of arithmetic–which as far as I am aware have still not been repealed–the only way that returning the A2 could “dramatically increase the amount of meritorious science funded” is if A2s are dramatically more scientifically meritorious than A1s with the same percentile rankings.

and I am soooooo tired of solutions that boil down to “do it to that guy over there, that rat bastige. He’s the one who is ruining this for all of us. MEEEE!!!! Fund MEMEMEMEMEMMMEMemememeeeee! Cause I, like, deserve it. ”

Get it together people. We can do better than this.

Readers? FFS get over there an make some half-intelligent remarks, would ya?

Maybe in 5 years

December 6, 2012


Maybe the conversation with our colleagues sparked by “hey, how’s it going” won’t be immediately about grant funding.

I seem to recall some past halcyon days when current scientific interests were the first item on the table.