Donor's Choose update

October 17, 2011

A few thoughts

First, check out the completed projects page for my challenge. The generous contributions of the readers of this blog have contributed to the funding of three projects already! thanks, and be sure to read the notes from the teachers.

Twenty one of you have thrown down over $1,500 under my challenge. This, my friends, is one of the best things of all about this community you have built around my random blathering. I am humbled. (You know, for once anyway….)

Janet, aka, she who has been the driving force behind science-blogger drives for Donor’s Choose for six years now, has a post up riffing on the I am the 99% idea. Go check it out and feel free to make your own picture. Post it on your blog, Twitt it or send it to her (or to me and I’ll post ’em here). Or heck, just type out your reasons in the comments.

At this writing the Scientopia readership has pulled our challenge board into a precarious second place (ahead of a Phil Plait driven Discover Blogs challengeboard) in the number of people contributing. My readers know that I just love this measure. The more of you that donate, with whatever small amount you can afford, the better I like it. This is about community engagement.

Overall, the Science Bloggers for Students 2011 drive has generated $18,617 from 287 contributors. Wow. Keep it rolling folks. We have until October 22.

No Responses Yet to “Donor's Choose update”

  1. NoMoreNIH Says:

    I hope you scientists are getting ready for your next job: pizza deliverers.

    Think funding is tight now? Just wait until the Tea Party and Reps win on the upcoming elections and future budget cuts sink the all of you NIH-funded parasites into poverty and despair. I feel truly sorry for all of you, but I guess you are all to blame for this, as you should have done something more useful with your lives.

    No More NIH


  2. April Says:

    @NoMore: IMHO, many scientists are already impoverished and full of despair. You should probably troll elsewhere.


  3. Vicki Says:

    What happened to the person who was raising money for dissections, including sheep eyes and such?


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