Ok Readers, let's take a run at another DonorsChoose Challenge!

October 13, 2011

Wow! Thanks to all of you readers who stepped up to give little kids in Maine a carpet to sit on, instead of a dirty, wet linoleum floor.

Now here’s a chance to help some big kids. High school students in a high poverty school in Gaffney SC need materials for dissections.

My Anatomy and Physiology students attend a high poverty school that has limited resources and monies available. They are juniors or seniors who have identified their career path to be in the health science field. Some have set goals to be lab technicians while others strive for their doctorates. All of them want to learn and are interested in the structure and function of the human body. We have an enormous amount of fun learning and utilizing the limited resources we have.

Sure, and I remember the lab demos from my science classes the best. Exploding stuff and thermogenic reactions. Inclined planes, air tables and dropping shit. From biology, the dissections. Are you any different?

Let’s try to give these kids an experience they will remember when they are at my ripe old age…

My students need dissection specimens, like 40 sheep eyes, 40 sheep hearts, 40 sheep half brains, and dissection supplies to conduct essential labs in anatomy class.

Remember, every little bit counts. Can you spare $5? Even if you gave your bit already, pass along the link. Ask your Facebook friends to donate. Twitt your Tweeps.

It’s for the next generation. Don’t you want them to know a little something when they come to re-insert your catheter at Happy Golden Acres? I know you do.

Give. Your urethra will thank you later.

No Responses Yet to “Ok Readers, let's take a run at another DonorsChoose Challenge!”

  1. drugmonkey Says:

    Thank you [generous donor]! Way to kick down for the kids.


  2. Vicki Says:

    OK, that’s the sheep eyes paid for.


  3. drugmonkey Says:

    Thanks Vicki! Let’s see…maybe a link to some cool visual science….



  4. physioprof Says:

    Itte’s fucken annoying thatte they try to goad you into setting uppe a regular monthly donation when you give.


  5. drugmonkey Says:

    Yes I agree, PP.


  6. physioprof Says:

    Dude, you’re not supposed to “agree”! What kind of fuckien blogge is this!!???!?!?!?!


  7. drugmonkey Says:

    This is the Happy Golden Acres type of blog, why?


  8. physioprof Says:

    Fucke thatte shitte, skankewadde!


  9. anon Says:


    what a douchebagge


  10. drugmonkey Says:

    Thanks to A. and anonymous donor for supporting this project. We’re getting close on this people…can you spare just $10? even $5?


  11. drugmonkey Says:

    Fully funded! Thanks donors, you’ve just made a high school bio class entirely more memorable and therefore more effective.


  12. […] know, I've had my eye out for the dissection projects for a few years now because I think they are some of the most memorable primary and secondary school experiences when it comes to scientific education. This has been […]


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