ok, ok, a few people have communicated with me regarding a set of highly fascinating slides posted by the NIH on “Ways of Managing NIH Resources“.

Many people seem to think Slide 13 is going to start some controversy. It apparently* shows that success rate goes up if you ask for a huge amount of money on one grant.

Personally, I think the interactive online slider which allows you to see what fraction of PIs enjoy X amount of Research Project Grant support is way more fun.

*The vast majority of normal folks are submitting R01s requesting no more than $250,000 in annual direct costs. There is another variable at play here. Only the BSD types are asking for this kind of cashola on one project.

Just dump it in….

October 18, 2011

The notion that there is such a thing as a “dump journal” in your field should be treated like:

1) Fight Club

2) Beer goggles