A musical interlude

January 7, 2010

Pause. Take a breath. Listen.

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  1. becca Says:

    Oh how I miss the Midnight Special.
    Anyway, I’m glad you posted that. I take back everything mean I ever said about bikemonkey…. during this week.


  2. anne Says:

    Thanks Becca. Well, I have no choice but forgive CPP for being so mean to me.


  3. bsci Says:

    In honor of your discussions at:
    Garrison Keillor recently appropriated Tom Lehrer’s deeply spiritual Hanukkah in Santa Monica for one of his holiday shows.:


  4. drdrA Says:

    You’re so awesome for posting this. Made my day!


  5. Beautiful, man. This was radical for 1967 – I saw from the You Tube notes that the reference to Mrs. Wallace and Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali for you younguns) was originally Lena Horne, the first black movie star, and Sheriff Jim Clark of the Selma, Alabama infamy.
    btw, Lehrer was originally a Harvard-trained mathematician yet he never felt the need to spout of about this at every turn.


  6. msphd Says:

    thanks, that was fun and distracting!


  7. DrugMonkey Says:

    Funny Abel, I always thought he was a Prof at Harvard but wikipedia seems to suggest he was a lecturer around the Boston Unis but not a prof.


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