ResearchBlogging.orgMost of my readers are aware of the growing head of steam being perked up by the medical marijuana movement (and that I think it is a Trojan Horse for recreational consumption). I have also described how perceptions of the harms associated with cannabis are associated with population level use. This suggests to me that it is important to identify adverse health consequences of cannabis smoking ranging from oral health complications to paradoxical potentiation of Ecstasy-induced hyperthermia, to a dependence syndrome in some users that shares some features with nicotine dependence.
I have a new and fascinating consequence of cannabis smoking for your consideration today, Dear Reader. There is an odd syndrome of cyclical vomiting that has resulted in a series of Case Reports. One theme that runs through these is the apparently mysterious presentation at the hospital, since most of the expected causes of severe episodic vomiting were painstakingly ruled out.

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The Americans for Medical Progress organization has opened the competition for the AMP/Michael D. Hayre Fellowship in Public Outreach for 2010-2011.


The Michael D. Hayre Fellowship in Public Outreach, established by Americans for Medical Progress in 2008, promotes peer education about animal research among students and young adults aged 18-30. Named in memory of AMP’s former Chairman, Michael D. Hayre, DVM, ACLAM, the Fellowship provides support for peer outreach and education projects in the United States.

These fellowships are modest awards ($5,000 stipend; $2,000 project support) intended for:

college students and young adults in the United States who are frustrated by the domination of animal rights rhetoric against biomedical research and who are committed to making a case for the necessary and humane use of laboratory animals in the pursuit of treatments and cures.

Applications are due May 15, 2010.
I would also like to ask my readers to consider making a small donation to the program. As you can tell from the fellowship amounts, a little bit from many people can go a long way.