Internet Beef and Civility

January 21, 2010

“Where men congregate and mix their testosterone with other intoxicants”.
HAHHAAHA, don’t take what you read on the Intertoobz too seriously people.

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Frequent commenter pinus has alerted me to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed which reports an interview with NIH Director Francis Collins. In comments, he appears to be warning local institutions that they are going to have to stop with the soft-money jobs and find a way to start supporting investigators themselves. Particularly the younger investigators.

Dr. Collins also said he wanted universities to steer more money to younger researchers, to avoid letting their researchers rely solely on federal grants

because there isn’t going to be as much federal money anymore…

the NIH, the nation’s largest provider of money for academic research, is warning universities that federal support will almost certainly decline after last year’s infusion of money from the stimulus measure.

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A recent alert from the Center for Substance Abuse Research (CESAR) presents an interesting juxtaposition of data from the Monitoring the Future study. It pits the rates of past-30-day marijuana smoking against the perception of harm with regular use in the US high-school senior population.

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