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Oh yeah?

March 3, 2009

Overheard on the local playground:
Wackaballoon: “Oh yeah?”
Twerp: “Yeah!”
W: “Nuh-uh”
T: “Uh-huh! Twice!”
W: “Yeah, well yer daddy is an Assistant Adjunct Research Professor!”
T: “Yeah? Well, yo momma is an Adjunct Research Assistant Professor….in Reeesssideeence!

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A recent exchange with reader Dave indicates that at least one IC will be putting any grant on the books that is within 10 percentile points of the current funding line will be considered for R56 / Bridge award.

My understanding was that if payline was 10%, everyone between 10 and 20% (who wouldn’t normally get funded) gets considered for an R56

The R56 has been around for awhile and frees up Program to do some hard negotiating to pay partial awards out of the PIs proposal that did not make the funding cut. They can cut the years and budget and say “take it or leave it”. Well, this concept has been a part of almost any official pronouncement on the NIH response to their dollop of stimulus money so it isn’t really a surprise. But for some reason Dave’s comment has me thinking.
What can we learn from this?

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