ScienceWoman has posted an excellent account of the life of a field-working scientist who happens to be a mother.

It’s damn hard physical work going out to field sites, lugging big packs, equipment, and samples around for days on end. Just because I’m built with a smaller frame than some of my male geology friends hasn’t made the rocks any lighter to carry out of the wildreness. In fact, as I discovered on one backpacking trip, spending money on ultralight camping gear to lighten my load, I simply ended up with more rocks in my pack, because I had the space.

She’s posted before about taking Minnow into the field. I am having trouble wrapping my head around how difficult that is and finding sufficient superlatives to describe how kick ass SciWo is. I’m doing the not-worthy in your direction, my friend.
I should be doing the not-worthy in the direction of women in my own field(s) as well…

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