Many of you Readers were very generous during October’s DrugMonkey Blog Reader Challenge as a part of the other ScienceBlogs’ participation in the Bloggers Challenge.
I recently received some very nice notes and I thought I would share them. (The blurbs are from the teachers’ original requests)

“I am teaching in a special education classroom, specifically serving children with autism. This classroom is a center-based, self-contained classroom with students in 3rd and 4th grades. The students in my room are severely affected by autism, and are living in a high-needs community.
Our classroom is in need of a digital camera and a color printer with accessories, to support our students need for visual structure within the classroom. We do not have easy access to a color printer or a digital camera in our school due to lack of funding. Students with autism rely on visual structure within the classroom, without access to these things it is difficult to provide accurate and real-life stimuli.

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