I can’t believe this meme died and never came back. It’s pretty geek-alicious. Since there have been quite a few new scienc-y blogs launched in the interim, I thought I’d tag some folks with this.
I originally posted this one Nov 16, 2007 on the old blog. You might also be interested in the PhysioProf Conundrum.

David Ng of World’s Fair launches yet another meme, this one to establish your own scientific eponym. A few interesting offerings include the Teammate Desirability Factor, Stemwedel Index, Higgins-Levinthal Dictum, Gorton’s Law and Sciencewoman’s Law. You will note that these are faux equation heavy measures since, of course, you need to be “quantitative” to be a RealScientist. Gack.
In this post I am happy to present the DrugMonkey Scale as metric to evaluate the degree to which one is outraged upon reading blog entries or commentary supplied by readers. Feel free to use it on this blog and elsewhere :-).

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