God-Sistine_Chapel-crop.pngThe mind of the PI: Hmm, this RFA looks interesting…looks like a shoo-in for ol’ Horace. Wait, what’s all this ‘mechanism’ bit at the back, blah, blah oh ho! Yun Gun could be a playa on this one! Ok, we’re gonna be running for third place at least, might be a chance for one of the postdocs to get their feet wet, maybe end up with something revisable. Let’s see here…Sarah got married a year ago, haha bet her clock’s a’tickin’. And Bob’s first kid is coming up on two, hmm, bet they’re ready for another, being Catholics and all, haha. Xiao and Yevgeni work hard but oh man the English skills will be a nightmare, more work than worth. Helloooo Stock Critique. Damn. Maybe Steve? ‘lthough he seems pretty pissed about Prop8, wonder if he’ll be spending too much time on politics. Oh, well, I guess I better give this one to good old Joe Straight Whitey to work on.

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