Dr. Isis the Scientist has a wonderful post up discussing an important issue for scientists of all levels of development, but particularly so for those who are still battling for recognition by their peers. The key sentence of her post is this:

Doing brilliant science is not enough to get me a job

YES! Nor is it enough to get your grants funded, your ass invited to deliver seminars at other institutions or conference presentations, your papers accepted at the best possible journals, or your ass promoted and tenured. This is a major raison d’etre of the DrugMonkey blog: we assume that our readers are doing brilliant science, and then help them leverage off of that into career success that permits them to *continue* doing brilliant science for as long as they wish.
And Dr. Isis’s post itself was focused on what it takes to give a clear convincing public presentation of one’s hot science. Now, of course, you just know that someone was going to chime in with the usual “let the science speak for itself” cockamamie bullshit. And you would be absolutely correct.

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