Donor's Choose News: Extension and Matching funds

November 2, 2012

First, my thanks to those of you who have found the time, generosity and money to donate to classrooms that are in need. Not just for my challenge

…but all of you donating through Scientopia blog challenges or other Science Bloggers for Students efforts.

There is some news as we near the end of the challenge period, originally planned to end 11/6. From DonorsChoose honchos:

Due to the massive power outages on the eastern seaboard this week, we are going to extend the Science Bloggers for Students campaign through next Friday, November 9. The SCIENCE match code will also be extended.

Oh yeah. So you have another week to throw down a little scratch. Also, remember to enter SCIENCE in the “Match or gift code” box when you are checking out with your payment information for your donation. There is a match in effect up to a $100 donation so you get to leverage your contribution. Pretty cool.

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  1. […] you’ll need to act fast because fundraising ends on Nov. 5th November 9th (there is also a match in effect of up to $100 if you enter SCIENCE in the “Match or gift code” […]


  2. DrugMonkey Says:

    Thanks for playing!!


  3. arrzey Says:

    Pigs ROOL! Pigs ROOL!


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    thank you for your generous support of science education arrzey!


  5. mica Says:

    please help me collect some funds to have my dreams come true


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