Hoppity Hop Hop!

November 9, 2012

Only one day (today) left to donate through my challenge page in the Science bloggers for students drive to a classroom project at DonorsChoose Folks.

How about a nice frog project?

Do you remember the first time you participated in a dissection in your science class? Well, my students have not had that experience yet but I would like to change that for them.
I have great students! Our school is a Title 1 school and most of our students come from a high poverty area in South Carolina. They absolutely love the idea of having the opportunity to dissect a frog and learn more about animal anatomy. They are VERY bright students and are eager to learn.

Maybe a little gene wrangling?

I have conducted this laboratory activity in the last two years of AP Biology, and most students cite it as THE reason they choose to study science or continue education and training in biotechnology. This lab turns students into scientists–it allows them to take samples of their own DNA, use a technique called PCR to make billions of copies of identical DNA, and then analyze their own genes to determine their genotype for a specific trait.

Every little bit counts. And if you enter the matching code SCIENCE, your donation up to $100 will be doubled.

Thanks again to all who have donated to the Scientopia and other blog challenges.