Your Republican Party thinks quite a lot about rape

October 25, 2012

Via brain wrap at DailyKos


Obama has a better approach

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  1. D. C. Sessions Says:

    One wonders why male Republican politcians spend so much time pondering the subject of rape.


  2. Drugmonkey Says:

    …and so much time expostulating on gay sex?


  3. Dave Says:

    This would all be a lot more amusing if it wasn’t so fucking real and tragic. Having been born and raised in the UK, this whole topic is complete and utter madness to me. I can’t get over it. Never in my life have I heard anything remotely similar to this discussion in England…..and it repeats over and over and over again. The fact that this (abortion) is even a political issue in 2012 is beyond me and I think I will never truly understand it, no matter how long I remain in the US. Why the fuck should the word “rape” ever come out of a politicians mouth except when describing a crime? Why is this tolerated? Why is this election even close? Does anyone really believe that, deep down, Romney is any different to these cocks?

    The very idea that a woman can not choose what she wants to do with her own body is borderline madness. But this is what happens when you mix fucking church and state – they have no business being in the same room with each other. But like the wise-man Biden said, you CAN be religious but still not impose your views on others (still the best debate answer this campaign). Apparently this is lost on these crazy fucking white, old Republican dickheads.

    It is just so sad to me and is a depressing indicator of just how insanely messed-up US politics really is. But what is more frightening is that there is a significant number of nutbags that support these views in this country. They are everywhere. We work with them, work out with them, even have a beer with them. The demographic in the US cannot change fast enough for me. One day this shite will simply not be tolerated.


  4. drugmonkey Says:

    church and state – they have no business being in the same room with each other.

    The saddest part of all is that this is one of the most essential principles of the founding of our country.


  5. whizbang Says:

    The GOP is just fucking nuts. I cannot imaging voting for their candidate for anything for the foreseeable future.


  6. Alex Says:

    church and state – they have no business being in the same room with each other.

    I agree 100%. And I say that as a religious believer. You know who the religious fanatics hate even more than the non-religious? Members of other religions. In their ideas, the other religions are doing it wrong, which is even worse than not doing it at all.


  7. Oh, that last one made me sick to my stomach.


  8. dsks Says:

    “Never in my life have I heard anything remotely similar to this discussion in England”

    I have frequently, but then I lived in a Tory stronghold in the south and worked waiter at a fair few garden parties where the scotch run would have me frequently in earshot of the inevitable boys club holding forth on precisely such matters. Our misogynists are just a bit more wary of the public record.

    As it is, the old country’s backwardness on this subject has hit particularly close to home of late, I don’t know her directly but I know her boyfriend. Take careful note of the response by our progressive and totally-not-racist boys in blue:

    What I like about the US is at least the fruitcakes are largely out in the open, or if not, they’ve buggered off to some backwoods to form their own community or something. In the UK, the whackaloonery is carefully hidden, rarely heard above a whisper. Until somebody has a few too many jars and starts blazing on women, Jews, gypos, etc, of course.


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