that is really what I find so distasteful of this whole affair. The witch-hunt being carried out by some of these commentators reeks of McCarthyism like persecution to seek out “impure thoughts” and destroy those who may harbor them. There is ZERO EVIDENCE that DM is actually sexist, other than an idiotic comment he placed on facebook.

There is no better way to address this than with illdoctrine

Repost: I Am…

October 19, 2012

There was a blogpost responding to the Maestripieri comment that noted a tendency for more mainstream outlets to emphasize the complaints of women over those of men. I rush to disagree since it happens that Isis and Janet Stemwedel are eloquent and quote worthy. My post was little more than a “don’t do this”.

Nevertheless it would be bad if there were any impression generated that only women thought the remarks of Maestripieri were out of line. Men object too.

Although this is only part of a complex reason, I was reminded of this previous observation of mine.

I am a friend. A friend to women who I met when I was 5 years old, ones I met in high school, college, grad school. Women I met as a postdoc, as a faculty member, as an inhabitant of my community. They work in any number of professions from publication to politics to public health to scientific research to mainstream media to education, etc, etc. Many different walks of life. Many of them experience uncomfortable moments, sustained toxic work environments and/or flagrant discrimination in their working lives. I like my friends. Their continued happiness and well being is important to me.

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