Donor's Choose Time!!!

October 22, 2012

Yes, folks, it is that time of year. You get to open up your wallets, even $5 helps people, to help little kids’ school classrooms. It is no secret that public education has been enduring a long downward slide in the ranks of things that are important to voters/taxpayers in the US. But you probably didn’t know just how bad it has gotten. Peruse these projects, see the things that you remember as having been the expected value (like dissection in 10th grade Biology) and wonder that this is no longer the case.

Then give. The kids will benefit.

The sole purpose of generating a review article that lays out your GrandeTheoryeEleven in the biomedical sciences is so that you can try to take sole credit for ideas that occur to many members of your subfield who are following the same literature that you do.

Please note that Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine are not generally handed out for review articles.