Are you presenting work at SfN 2012?

October 11, 2012

This is my annual no-promises request for you, my Readers, to turn the tables.

I am interested in what you all have to say, scientifically.

So, if inclined drop your presentation details here in the comments or send me an email. Drugmnky at the google mail.

I might stop by.

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  1. proflikesubstance Says:

    In New Orleans, Drug Monkey trolls YOU!


  2. me Says:

    I’m always interested in spreading my love of mathematics and supporting the rise of neuro-physics!!……..stop by for a 5 min schpeel on my closed-loop approach to investigate how network hyperexcitability leads to a loss of input-output coupling between the respiratory rhythm generator and the periphery in Mecp2-deficient mice…..G30 Rett poster section, Sunday afternoon.

    PS: as an aside, i think im going to waste some time this evening making some “Retire all the Gray Beards”,”We are the __%!!” t-shirts this evening to hustle to fellow students, postdocs and junior faculty who share my love of humor and cynicism!!….$5 holla!!…

    But i’m curious (ESP @ physioprof), anyone have any links to the exact proportions of scientists who fail out of academia? That histogram of the time to asst prof from NIGMS is def gonna make the cut for imagery.

    Hope this comes together in time…..



  3. Says:

    No I’m not, because at the time of submission I didn’t have any hard data yet, so my ever-so-cautious PI decided that “thou shalt not submit your tentative, experiment-describing, results-free abstract'”.

    So now, months later, I’ve got a cool little computational model that works pretty well, together with stone-hard human data to validate it, sitting all lonely on my computer while everybody’s hitting NOLA.

    Maybe that was the right thing to do. Maybe not. Anyway, it does feel kind of frustrating.



  4. drugmonkey Says:

    Sorry to hear that. With 6 month lead time on Abstract submission who gives a hoot? I think it should just be keywords and name, enough to select a reasonably coherent “session” for posters, personally.


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