No more pseudonymous bloggers at National Geographic's

August 18, 2011

cross-posting from my Scienceblogs site:

I have just been informed that ScienceBlogs will no longer be hosting anonymous or pseudonymous bloggers. In case you are interested, despite extensive communication from many of us as to why we blog under pseudonyms, I have not been given any rationale or reason for this move. Particularly no rationale or reason that responds to the many valid points raised by the pseudonymous folks.

This is, as they say, not unexpected. It is pretty clear that when corporate flacks ask you for your opinion in response to their reflexive stance they are not in fact going to be influenced. So I do hope none of my colleagues are surprised by this. Disappointed, as am I, but not surprised.

I am not certain when the drop-dead date will occur but you will no doubt be able to find me blogging elsewhere.

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  1. alethea Says:

    FYI: Link is broken, should be


  2. So what happens to all the archives?


  3. drugmonkey Says:

    So what happens to all the archives?

    It is not clear to me if the new world order means that they will stop hosting any content blogged pseudonymously at Sb in the past or not. For that matter, what their plans are with respect to any prior content of continuing bloggers that might run afoul of the new approaches to “standards and practices”.

    In the case of Drugmonkey, most of the content prior to the creation of Scientopia was imported into this blog.


  4. Juniper Shoemaker Says:

    That is patently ridiculous. That’s even more ridiculous than their banning profanity.


  5. Those geographer fuckeasses banned motherfucken profanity??????


  6. Isis the Scientist Says:

    No. They didn’t ban profanity.


  7. Well thank fucken godde for thatte, those fucken geoasseographer motherfuckers.


  8. chall Says:

    With everything going on in the world right now it seems to be a small step to “if you really are ok with stating your opinion you should write under your full birthname and idnumber” …well, I am ok with stating my opinion, however other people most likely aren’t ok with it …

    Obviously “some people” don’t understand the “pseudonym” vs “real name” – not to mention the difference between those two and “anonymous”. It’s really not that hard imho.


  9. These geosmegge cockewaddes are basically Mister Motherfucken Magoo.


  10. […] If ever there was proof of the need for anonymity to protect the innocent from on- and offline harassment, this is it. Are you listening, Google+ and Scienceblogs? […]


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