Child Protection

August 25, 2011

Civil society such as the one in the US, where I live, takes a custodial interest in children.

It is not unerring, but then what is? The goal, however, is to recognize that while parents are responsible for their own children, sometimes this goes wrong. Parents can be bad parents and therefore society has a mechanism for intervention on the side of the child’s welfare.

We also force parents to put their children in carseats which may* provide only marginally improved protection in rare case scenarios.

These, and many other societal steps assert that at some point the child has independent rights that must come into consideration. Alongside, or perhaps even before, those of the parent.

I am a fairly staunch supporter of abortion being the decision of the mother into a fairly late stage. And I am a big believer in the slippery slope argument that you can’t give the right wing wackaloons a micron on this issue. I do not by any means think this custodial obligation of a civil society starts at conception. Not by a long shot.

But FFS, the day of birth is one place I’m full willing to let the slippery slope in support of right wing wackaloonery start.

How about you?
*see those freakonomics guy’s claim.