Unless you have been hiding under a rock, my NIH-focused Reader, you will have heard of the explosive findings of Ginther et al (2011) who reported on an analysis of racial and ethnic disparity in the review and funding of NIH grant applications.
ResearchBlogging.orgThere is a lot to discuss about these findings. A LOT. Well beyond the scope of one or even six blog posts. Commentary from the Office of Extramural Research, the NIMH and the Chronicle of Higher Education are worthwhile reads and there is a bit on National Public Radio as well. Blogger Bashir suggests* that these data prove that if you are African-American you have to be twice as good to succeed.
I’m going to jump right into some grant review geekery. I’m sure you are shocked.


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I just noticed something.

Did you see the commentary from Tabak and Collins on the racial disparity in NIH grant awards?

Lawrence A. Tabak*,
Francis S. Collins*

*These authors contributed equally to this work.

This is unbelievable. It is a TWO PERSON COMMENTARY!!

Collins is the bloody director of the NIH. He needs authorship credit spelled out? Seriously?