Blogrolling: Rock Talk

January 21, 2011

Arlenna’s post today alerted me to a brand new blog from the Office of Extramural Research at the National Institutes of Health. The OER is, of course, the office that handles, well, us. The NIH funded extramural research community. Anyone who works in a lab that is funded by the NIH is under the umbrella of the OER in one way or another. The fact that they have taken up blogging is of more than a passing interest to those of us in the extramural research community that read and write blogs.

Rock Talk is authored by Dr. Sally Rockey (pictured), who is:

NIH’s Deputy Director for Extramural Research, serving as the principal scientific leader and advisor to the NIH Director on the NIH extramural research program.

This is fantastic. She’s already jumping in to grapple with topics, such as Family Medical Leave and NIH policies in support thereof, that originally arose in the academic blogsphere.

That’s a win for you, Dear Reader. It means that someone very high up at the NIH is listening to your issues, ideas and complaints that you blurt out in this particular forum. Fantastic.

My advice is to put this on your blogroll, your RSS or whatnot. Stop by and comment. Nothing like traffic and commentary to convince an entity like the NIH that this is a valuable activity in which to engage. And who knows? Maybe some brilliant observation of yours will influence NIH policy.

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  1. One can only hope that Rockey uses Jeremy’s NIGMS Feedback Loop blogge as the model–which allows free discussion and pseudonymous posting–and not the NIAID blogge–which is heavily censored, forbids pseudonymous posting, and is thus destined to complete irrelevancy as an actual blogge.


  2. drugmonkey Says:

    which is heavily censored, forbids pseudonymous posting, and is thus destined to complete irrelevancy as an actual blogge.

    Agreed. It is a serious mistake for any bloggers at NIH to “blog” with the traditional* paranoid outlook. It just doesn’t play well. Don’t bother to use the blog format (i.e., with commentary enabled) if you can’t handle the heat.

    *for gov’t agencies


  3. chemicalbilology Says:

    Well, so far they have let me post comments with my pseud, so hopefully that’s a good sign!


  4. Same here. They even published the link to my blogge!


  5. Drugmonkey Says:

    Oh noes! They “endorse” PhysioProf!!!!!


  6. WhizBANG! Says:

    Or they just endorse those powered by MFJ.


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