Remember when Nature offered us a completely objective and unbiased review of PLoS?

Public Library of Science (PLoS), the poster child of the open-access publishing movement, is following an haute couture model of science publishing — relying on bulk, cheap publishing of lower quality papers to subsidize its handful of high-quality flagship journals.

drdrA alerts us to the fact that Nature Publishing Group seems to have changed their minds about dirty, gutter, bulk publication of lower quality papers.

Nature Scientific Reports

Commentary from Martin Fenner over at PLoS blogs and from Bjorn Brembs.
This is why NPG cracks me up. Totally unembarrassed to say whatever, whenever no matter how inconsistent with their supposed other goals (see goals for robust online discussion of published papers) or with their prior statements or with their other actions (see hand wringing about Impact Factors). Just like a good business should, I suppose.