NIGMS has released their annual update on the review outcome for NIH R01 applications directed their way for potential funding (see bottom of this post for prior Fiscal Year links). The most salient figure is the histogram of percentile ranks arising from the initial review, identified by whether they were selected for funding or not.
As far as I’ve ever seen, NIGMS is the only NIH Institute or Center that does this. As you can see from the figure, one of the most interesting features here is that we can identify how many “skips” and “exceptions” are in their pool of applications.
Skips refer to grant applications which appeared to score well within the apparent (or published) payline and did not get funded for one reason or other. Exceptions refer to those applications which did not score within the apparent payline but were selected for funding anyway. The latter are substantially more common than the former, of course. We’ve talked about these exceptions (i.e., “pickups“) before.

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