Harvard and Yale undergrad, professional and graduate school alums look like gangbangers

November 23, 2010

Oh, not ALL y’all. Oh no. Just the black ones.

BikeMonkey Guest Post
Jezebel reports:

At approximately 10:30PM club management called the owner to say that they saw individuals on line whom they recognized as “local gang bangers” (their words not mine). In response to this, the club owner directed the bouncers to only let individuals with a Harvard or Yale ID in to the club. At this point Kwame and I argued that no alumnus would have his or her expired college ID with them and reiterated that the reason we did the party on a pre-sold basis with strict admittance based solely on the guest list was to guarantee that the only attendees were Harvard and Yale alumni, grad students and their close friends and to ensure that no “bad seeds” could contaminate our party. However, given that this was the club’s opening weekend, the owner was particularly sensitive to anything going wrong.

Oh, something went wrong all right, you done outed yourself as a stupid bigot.
The Hah-vah Crimson verifies the account:

Natalia N. Pearson-Farrer, a second-year Harvard Law School student, said she arrived at the club at 10:30 p.m. to see a crowd of predominantly black Harvard and Yale students and alumni dressed in cocktail attire. By the time she got in, she said she was surprised to see the bouncers had let very few people in, and soon after, the club told patrons it was shutting down because of technical difficulties. After the truth was circulated, though, she said she felt frustrated and embarrassed.

You know, while you all are entertaining yourself complaining about the TSA body scans and crotch grabbing and laughing along with @TSAgov and all. Might want to think about that a little bit…

10 Responses to “Harvard and Yale undergrad, professional and graduate school alums look like gangbangers”

  1. Will the club be making a public statement so we can get some whitesplaining?


  2. Dude, don’t you get it? This TSA shitte is totes important and a total threat to our freedumz, because those are Real Americans going to the airport to travel. Who gives a crappe about some elitist Harvard-Yale douchebagges? I betcha they all go to those America-hating churches like Jeremiah Wright. And anyway, the club owner was just protecting his business.


  3. Alex Says:

    It may come as a shock to you to learn that some people hate the TSA and also hate private clubs that discriminate.
    Believe it or not, I hate the TSA, and I also give money to the ACLU, and (much to the chagrin of DM) I give money to groups that oppose prohibition because of the disparate impacts of the policy.
    BTW, I did something totes awesome yesterday: I walked and chewed gum AT THE SAME TIME! YEAH!


  4. CLEARLY Says:

    I guess the club owners didn’t know that Wallace didn’t get his way and that ALL schools were/are integrated…
    Does anyone know how old this ‘club owner’ is/was?
    Like to see some info on him and how he could be alive in 2010 and yet be so ‘backwoods’.
    BTY, I’m white, am married to an indian and live on the reservation…Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are precious in His site…..I wait patiently for the day when I can walk into a church, any church, and be loved and welcomed by all within it’s walls…but it is still not so.
    Father, please forgive us for we know not what we do.
    I have to ask those that post here…would you extend your hand to me?
    I hope the answer would be, yes.


  5. dhex Says:

    “Might want to think about that a little bit…”
    if the two examples were even remotely comparable, you might have something akin to a point, broham.


  6. some dude on the internet Says:

    Wait, so racist club owners and overzealous TSA screening measures are connected how? Were the black alumni felt up and-or bombarded with ionizing radiation? Silly us, worrying about a massive invasion of privacy that effects a broad segment of the American population, when some random asshole is being racist somewhere.


  7. SurgPA Says:

    “As anyone who knows us understands, the only reason we created Triumph was to foster an environment where educated individuals (black and non-black) can congregate knowing that they are amongst like-minded persons.”
    Setting aside the racial bigotry for a moment (and yes, this ranks up there with being afraid of anyone wearing “muslim garb” [credit Juan Williams]), is he really saying that Triumph was created soley to allow the Hah-vad Elite space to speak freely without fear of being overheard by common riffraff who might disagree with their views?
    Read more: http://jezebel.com/5696308/club-mistakes-black-harvard-crowd-for-local-gangbangers#ixzz16rxaeF8d


  8. DrugMonkey Says:

    Is it really news to you, SurgPA, that people that attend (or are in any way associated with) Yale and Harvard are at substantially increased risk of becoming snobby douchehounds? Why should people of color be immune from this?


  9. SurgPA Says:

    No, I’m well aware of the self-satisfied snobbishness that can afflict “elite” schools. What struck me was the overt socio-economic bigotry expressed in his declaration of outrage against racial bigotry.


  10. Bashir Says:

    It’s “common knowledge” that some clubs and bars with doormen will single out black people (men usually). This frequently is done through dress codes that are selectivity enforced. Off hand I can think of half a dozen examples that made the news recently. Usually because someone took the initiative to document the racial selectivity of the rules. One recent case even involved a Trading Places style exchange of clothes to illustrate that the doorman wasn’t actually concerned with the outfits of the individuals.
    This is just the kind of racism that goes on habitually but seldom makes the news.
    (The reaction statement by the Harvard-Yalies is cringeworthy.)


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