Thank You

November 25, 2010

For all the online peeps, I am grateful on this day of Thanksgiving in the US.

For all the Scientopians and Sciblings and all of our MortalBlogEnemies at Nature Blog Network, Discover Blogs, PLoS blogs, Wired Blogs and most especially Lab Spaces, I am thankful.

All of the privateer blogs as well, for JUNIORPROF and DrDrA and Anonymoustache and Scribbler and AA and DirkH and everyone else who keeps writing interesting stuff to read….I thank you for your efforts to educate and entertain us all.

Above all else, the commenters. Oh am I ever thankful for the beccas and the Uncle Sollie Rivlins and daedalus2us and assorted jokers and snarkers…and the serious ones too.

No Responses Yet to “Thank You”

  1. What about me, you fucken douchebagge!? Aren’t you thankful for ME!?!?!?!?!?


  2. BikeMonkey Says:

    Yeah, WTF? Where’s the coblogger love??!!!??


  3. You’re the shitty co-blogger! I’m the fucken goode one!


  4. leigh Says:

    happy thanksgiving to all three of you nuts. 🙂


  5. CoR Says:

    Yeah, I kinda had the same reaction. Then I stuck another piece of turkey in my mouth. Omnomnomnom….


  6. juniorprof Says:

    And a Happy (late) Thanksgiving to you too DM (and CPP).


  7. David/Abel Says:

    Thanks to you fine young gentlemen for constantly coming up with top-quality posts on mentoring, funding, and grantsmanship issues. As I have contended for years, the DrugMonkey blog fills a niche in the scientific blogosphere that remains largely unmet among NIH grantees and aspiring NIH grantees. Combine you guys with writedit and it’s like matter becoming energy.

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.


  8. becca Says:

    Am I *really* on par with Uncle sol and daedalus2us??
    Gee. *THANKS*


  9. drugmonkey Says:

    hahaha, becca you know perfectly well you are a class of one 🙂 (strong work on various cheerleader threads, btw, strong work. )

    PP and BM, are you guys vying with “anonymous” over at the Sb blog for most-narcissistic?

    Hope your postTdays are happy CoR and leigh!

    jp great to catch up at sfn, even if only for a few minutes

    and Abel….yo. peaceful days dude


  10. Isabel Says:

    “…and the serious ones too.”

    You’re welcome:)

    Seriously, mine seems to be a thankless existence on the academic blogs. Well, it’s not a popularity contest right? If you’re gonna tell it like it is you’re gonna piss people off.

    Good thing I have healthy self esteem. I can be my own cheerleader. “Nice work on the cheerleader threads Isabel!”

    Aww, shucks;)

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!


  11. drugmonkey Says:

    Thanks to you as well Isabel. I hope you are having a delightful vacation.

    (and yes, nice work on the cheerleader threads from you as well. I’m enjoying the excellent ass platter handitude!)


  12. And we, in turn, are most thankful for you, DM.
    Guess I need to dust off the ol’ blog and put something up soon….have had a Fortunate Son post percolating for a while so maybe I’ll get that done…


  13. Dirkh Says:

    Much obliged.


  14. Isabel Says:

    Haha, yes I am having a delightful time grading papers all weekend.

    And thanks to you DM for being a good sport and not censoring or banning or personally attacking me despite all the horrible things I have said to you over the years.


  15. Seriously I give thanks for your blogs DM, its been a pleasure to read this last year and a half.


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