Idle observation

June 10, 2010

from YHN:

The academic research side of the science blogotroid is missing a key component. Anonymous Program Officer and SRO blogs.

Those would be totally hilarious. amirite?

Tales of Professor Whingeranty P. Schwangerson would be hilarious as a PO blog. #NIHGrant

By now most of you are aware that the librarians of the University of California system are unhappy with negotiations with Nature Publishing Group over access to NPG’s titles. The letter, found here, details the complaint. More importantly, the letter requests that the UC faculty get ready to boycott NPG with the following specifics.

  • Decline to peer review manuscripts for journals from the Nature Publishing Group.
  • Resign from Nature Publishing Group editorial and advisory boards.
  • Cease to submit papers to the Nature Publishing Group.
  • Refrain from advertising any open or new UC positions in Nature Publishing Group journals.
  • Talk widely about Nature Publishing Group pricing tactics and business strategies with colleagues outside UC, and encourage sympathy actions such as those listed above.

NPG is unamused.

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