One blog or two?

June 3, 2010

Occasional commenter Lorax has a question for his readers.

However, I am concerned about message. I do not want the interesting and important science to be diluted (to some potential readers) by the fact that I am an opinionated bastard. So, I have been considering starting a new blog that would contain the science- and education-oriented posts and maintaining this one until no one IWOTI.

It comes at the usual complaint about ScienceBlogs not being sufficiently science bloggy enough from a slightly different angle. I’m curious about the preferences of my readership- blog-wide, not just in reference to the DrugMonkey Experience.
Do you prefer to read single-message blogs, all things equal? Do you put up with the content that bores you to tears and just focus on what you enjoy? Or is the diversity of topics part of the appeal?
Don’t forget to tell Lorax what you think.